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Connection issue, cannot connect to servers after installing pirated version of Active Sky
Posted by Damian Clark, Last modified by Damian Clark on 12 February 2018 10:08 PM

We have found that certain unauthorized pirate versions of Active Sky can modify system files, potentially install malware on the user's system, and attempt to spoof servers that Active Sky connects to.

If you have installed a pirate version of Active Sky, and subsequently attempt to run a legitimate licensed version of Active Sky, you may be subject to this issue.  This issue can be confirmed by reviewing your HOSTS file located at:

If any "" entries exist here, this confirms the spoofing and redirection of our servers which will not be able to connect.  If your system is affected by this, it is due to installing unauthorized pirated software and the unauthorized system modifications it makes to attempt to bypass licensing and break into our data services.  Malware and other unintended negative changes on your system are common issues when using illegal pirated software.

If you have purchased a valid license of Active Sky and are affected by this issue, please reset/clear your HOSTS file.  You can refer to this Microsoft support article for instructions:

After clearing the HOSTS file, we also recommend repairing and/or reinstalling Windows to clear any other potential malware/system changes that this previous pirated version may have installed.

Note that all pirate activity is fully logged, causes damages to our network and infrastructure, and we reserve the right to prosecute against documented offenders who continue to illegally access our servers, to the full extent of the law.  Piracy hurts innovation, development, and flight simulation in whole, which is a very small industry that depends on your support to continue moving forwarded.  Please reconsider using pirated flight simulation software.  We thank you very much for your legitimate purchase of an Active Sky license and your support of our continued development of weather simulation.

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