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Ambients Error or "Cannot control ambient weather parameters" Error
Posted by Damian Clark, Last modified by Robert Halmich on 03 September 2020 01:23 AM


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NOTE: If you are running Prepar3D v4 with AS2016, see this Article.  



After running ASN, AS16 or ASP4 and your simulator, and connection is established, an Error message pops up and indicates “ASN/AS16/ASP4 cannot control ambient weather parameters correctly, thus it cannot function properly at this point and will shut down.  Further ASN/AS16 or AS_P3Dv4 operation is not possible. "

Alternatively, a similar "Ambients Error" and "Could not communicate with ASConnect" message may be presented.







If you are receiving this error, it indicates one of the following conditions:

  1. If using Prepar3D, the most common explanation is that your paths are not set to the proper version 3 locations.  Specifically, your simulator installation path, simulator AppData path, and ASConnect installation path must be set to the Prepar3D locations.  Also ensure that the latest update for ASN/AS16/ASP4 for P3D is installed.  The latest version can be downloaded from .

  2. If using FSX Steam Edition, the most common explanation is that an add-on has created an improper sim AppData folder, and now ASN/AS16 is finding the wrong path based on the existence of this improper AppData folder.  This happens when the only sim installed is FSX:SE and FSX Boxed was never installed, and certain add-ons have been installed which create files in the wrong appdata location.  The solution is to keep your sim closed, run ASN/AS16, and change settings/options/general Simulator AppData Path to the correct location, which is most likely C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX.  Note that the improper folder in these cases is ..\FSX-SE (changing from FSX-SE to FSX will solve the issue).  After making this change, Restart ASN/AS16 and then start your simulator.
  3. ASConnect and the accompanying as_btstrp.dll (integration component to ASN/AS16/ASP4) is not able to run correctly due to security, AV, Firewall or File Access Rights issues.  Make sure you have excluded ASN/AS16/ASP4, FSX/P3D and the [sim folder]\as_srv\as_btstrp.dll file from scanning if you experience this error.

  4. ASConnect is not able to be properly configured to run at FSX/P3D startup due to invalid network share/rights to the Simulator's AppData Path (specifically, dll.xml cannot be modified).

  5. FSX/P3D Paths are not correctly configured.  First, try confirming your paths.  Without FSX/P3D running, load ASN/AS16/ASP4 and visit the Settings Screen.  In General Options, confirm that your Simulator and Simulator AppData Path are correctly configured.  If not, please select the proper paths and then restart ASN/AS16/ASP4.

If this does not resolve this issue, please follow the below steps:

  1. Please perform an uninstall of ASN/AS16/ASP4 in order to rule out any installation issues.  When uninstalling, all checkboxes should be checked to remove all saved data, ensuring a "clean" install environment

  2. Please disable real-time AV scanning temporarily (on networked setups, please do this on both machines)

  3. Install ASN/AS16/ASP4 using the latest full version installer from

  4. Run ASN/AS16/ASP4, and follow the prompts for final installation/configuration including the running of the ASConnect installer.  On networked setups, you will need to copy the ASConnect_FSX_Install.exe or ASConnect_P3D_Install.exe from the client's ASN/AS16/ASP4 install location to the server computer, and run the .EXE on the server.  Once this is done, finish loading ASN/AS16, then exit ASN/AS16.  *** MAKE SURE TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT INTENDED SIMULATOR/VERSION INSTALLATION FOLDER DURING ASCONNECT INSTALL ***

  5. Using your AV software, add a "trust" or "exclusion" to for the ASN/AS16/ASP4 program.

  6. Using your AV software, add a "trust" or "exclusion" for the ASConnect components which are all .dll files located in [fsx/p3d install path]\as_srv.  On a networked setup, this will be on your server machine.

  7. Re-enable your real-time AV scanning. 

  8. Run ASN/AS16 and allow it to initialize.

  9. Run FSX/P3D "as Administrator" (right click the icon, choose "Run as Administrator")

If everything is working properly and the "Cannot control ambient weather parameters" error no longer shows, you can now be confident that your configuration is correct.  

If the error continues, there may be a problem specific to your configuration.  In this case, please open a support ticket at with a Log Export (Tools->Export Logs) which can be done WITHOUT YOUR SIM RUNNING (to prevent the ambients error/shutdown).  See this link for REQUIRED INFORMATION when submitting a ticket:


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